There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people-and the environment-suffer badly
Our dream is to provide accessibility to safe water and hygienic living conditions to all and on the types of water-using economic activities that we desire-and to organize to obtain it. It is desired to manage water use to conserve the quantity and quality of freshwater and ecosystems that provide services to the people and nation. Best water management practices is the need of time to produce more food and creating more sustainable livelihoods per unit of water applied. Existing technology/practices is either inadequate or not able to solve the present day water crisis in terms of availability, accessibility and quality. Management of water resources and ecosystem for equitable and sustainable manner is in dire need for the nation. Can we think of India as the best water managed country by next 25 years either through new/innovative technology intervention or best practices?
We people are responsible for India' water future. Keeping in view of this TIFAC has taken an initiative to prepare Water Technology Vision 2035 for the country where we are trying to capture people's aspiration and dream. We therefore invite all citizens, academia, institute/body/organization engaged in Science & Technology, industry and interested groups to post their opinion, vision and brilliant technology ideas for the water sector. We request you to be part in this national exercise, write about your dreams, how would you like to see the water sector in 2035. No one knows your craziest ideas may take India into a different height. Please stretch your thinking ability and contribute to this exercise. This is a very national platform to showcase your innovative capabilities.