Transportation Technologies
Transportation is the foundation of our entire economy and quality of life. It links us to the global economy, allowing us to import and export both goods and materials, moving people and ideas anywhere, anytime, on time at an affordable price.
India has a large and diverse transport system and comprises of a various of modes of transport, at the same time with the rising population and the per capita income the travel needs are increasing which has not only created the challenge of capacity constraints in various modes of transport but also there is a rise in the congestion level, emission accidents etc. There is also a rising demand for a comfortable transport at the same time it has to be affordable and environment friendly.
This together with challenges posed by various modes of transportation system from within and overseas would force exploration of new technologies and various options for transportation. There is a necessity to have an integrated transport structure in which various modes of transportation system interface with each other seamlessly, the advanced technologies relevant to the needs of the Indian situation that are needed to provide safe, comfortable reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly mobility to all.
Through Ideapoke platform, we seek your brilliant innovative ideas, innovative technologies which were never thought of before, your dream for the transportation sector. How you would like the Transport technologies should be keeping the 2035 perspective in mind.