Save Data while Using Internet on Mobile

You do not need to leave the satisfaction of a superbly connected smartphone for only saving money on your mobile data. A smartphone is a valuable device and lots of different data-hungry apps are there that is helpful for the improvement of your overall mobile experience. Audio, cloud storage, video streaming along with turn-by-turn navigation, rich browsing and lots more can put a significant demand on a mobile data connection. Luckily, it is easy to reduce the mobile data usage without hindering one’s mobile experience.

The following simple tips will be helpful for you to save the data usage every month.

save data mobile browsing#1 Saving Data in Google Chrome

Google has executed an incredible feature that is capable of amazingly reduce the data amount that is demanded by the Chrome browser. With the use of Google’s servers, Chrome compresses images as well as other files for optimizing page sites on user’s mobile device. They also provide the users an impressive visual look at about the amount of saved data over the previous month for the sake of an easy line graph.

#2 Saving Data in Google Maps

A user can simply download an area in Google Maps so that less data is used while when navigating to his or her destination. It saves a significant amount of mobile data and also improves the overall experience if he or she is visiting through a specific low reception area.

#3 Saving Data in Gmail

Google enables you to download Gmail attachments automatically over the Wi-Fi. If you are a regular Gmail app user, then the specific toggle can be helpful for you in saving a big on the network data.

#4 Saving Data in Music Streaming Apps

All famous audio streaming apps provide various methods to listen to the user’s tunes without any need of streaming them over the network connection.

Spotify enables you to download your Playlists and Albums. If a user uses Apple Music, then he or she can add albums, songs, and playlists to his or her library. With the help of Google Play Music, a user can download everything – albums, songs, radio stations, and playlists.

#5 Saving Data in Facebook

Facebook has recently added an incredible feature that plays videos in one’s news feed automatically, irrespective he or she is interested in it or not.

For saving furthermore on the monthly bill, you can download an incredible data compression app; however, the quality linked to images and videos might get reduced. You will have faster loading times within apps by making a connection to the mobile network. Image-heavy apps users will be greatly benefitted from such data-saving apps.

Onavo Extend is a free app that constantly runs in your smartphone’s background along with that, it directs the traffic of mobile data through the servers of Onavo. Such compression technology greatly reduces the data amount sent over the mobile network, that will provide you the identical experience and that is too at a decreased cost.

For more information, the genuine internet source will provide you a great help.

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