Materials & Manufacturing
An object made of a material which is as transparent as a glass but also has the strength of steel !
Sounding news isn't it? Years down the line, a smart laboratory in some part of India would have developed this technology and some industry would have manufactured products based on this.
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Materials play an ubiquitous role in the products used by the common man in his day to day life, ranging from ordinary wrist watches to optic fibres. Materials also contribute a major share in the development of industry, infrastructure and a wide array of consumer goods. In the area of Materials, India enjoys a comparative advantage mainly because of the significant resource endowments, excellent R&D infrastructure, Engineering and Manufacturing capabilities, large domestic market and highly qualified scientists and technologists. Globally scientists predict that unprecedented discoveries of new materials will occur in the future which will significantly affect producers and users. In materials technology, a seemingly small improvement can open up massive market opportunities. It is rather, therefore, not surprising that TIFAC has identified Materials as one the thematic areas to be covered in its Technology Vision 2035 document, being prepared for our country.
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