Infrastructure is at the very heart of economic and social development of any Nation across the world. It provide the foundations for virtually all modern-day economic activity, constitute a major economic sector in their own right, and contribute importantly to raising living standards and the quality of life. However, infrastructure also has less desirable consequences. The next decades are likely to see an accentuation of two facets of infrastructure. On the one hand, Infrastructure will prove as a vital tool in resolving some of the major challenges faced by societies - supporting economic growth, meeting basic needs, lifting millions of people out of poverty, facilitating mobility and social interaction. On the other, environmental pressures in the form of changing climatic conditions, congestion and so on are likely to increase, turning the spotlight firmly on the inherent tensions between the imperative for further infrastructure development and the quest for sustainability.
Construction is the second largest economic activity in India after agriculture, and has been growing rapidly. At India’s current stage of development, the industry and services sectors are the principal drivers of growth, with strong partnership between public and private sectors. The production of industrial houses has also been on the rise - and the increasing flow of goods has spurred increases in rail, road and port traffic, necessitating further infrastructure improvements. This is just one good reason for taking a long-term perspective on infrastructure. Infrastructure usually last a very long time, often generations, and also take a long time to build, so that bringing about change in their systems requires long-range thinking and vision. Hence, the next 25 years offer a useful time frame for exploring many of the issues that will need to be tackled if the challenges emanating are to be addressed successfully.
Technology plays an important role in the development of infrastructure. However, given the rapid evolution of technology in this sector, it is important to consider that any attempt accurately to anticipate change over a 20-30-years period is obviously a mammoth task. Hence, we request your views /insights and suggestions on the futuristic focus in the area of Infrastructure with Science and Technology perspective through this Ideapoke platform: