Information and Communication Technologies
Information and Communication Technology / Electronics Technology has emerged as a major driver over the last 25 years impacting the way we educate ourselves, the way we live, the way we work and the way we entertain. 25 years back, it would have been difficult to imagine the extent to which this sector would influence our lives. India has gained immensely from this sector, there is no sector left be it is Medical sciences, education, transportation, agriculture where the ICT intervention is not felt. We have to further substantially enhance our contributions towards driving this technology."
Information and Communication Technology has however not yet reached it plateau. It continues to evolve very rapidly and innovations in the electronics and communication technologies continue to change the way we do things today, and our expectations of how we will do things in the future.
Through Idea poke platform, we seek your your brilliant innovative ideas, innovative ICT technologies which were never thought of before that you foresee would impact our lives in 15 years and 25 years from now. Just share your dream whatever comes to your mind for ‘Information and Communication Technologies’keeping the 2035 perspective in mind.