There is broad consensus that tackling the increasing global environmental problems will require the support of technology. Consequently, environmental technologies are regarded as one of the fastest growing global markets. India is facing numerous environmental challenges that it will be difficult to overcome without the aid of new eco-efficient technologies. The aim is for environmental, development and economic growth to go hand in hand.
Technology already plays a decisive role in our efforts to protect the environment and its resources. In our daily lives, there is technology everywhere that limits pollution from production, transport and consumption; from the catalytic converters in automobiles to energy and water-saving enzymes for sewage treatment. Without the targeted application of eco-efficient technology, environmental problems would be much more serious than they are today. The need for new smarter technologies will increase. The pressure put on water resources is rising. The amount of chemicals used daily remains high. Air pollution in cities is a severe problem in most of the world. Energy efficient and renewable energy resources are of high priority everywhere for the sake of the economy, security of supply and climate change.
Water, chemicals, particle pollution and climate change are just a few of the obvious examples of environmental problems that will be difficult to solve without halting development, unless there is focus on the continued development of eco-efficient technologies. Moreover, our growing knowledge and technological abilities give us new opportunities for sustainable production and consumption as well to improve health and safety at work; opportunities that we must fully exploit.