Energy Technologies
India growing population and need for economic growth is intricately linked with higher energy consumption in all sectors either for domestic, transport, industry or agriculture use. Changing lifestyle, rising people's aspiration for better quality of life and need to increase the country's human development index, India is poised to increase its energy demand & consumption. Currently India is facing acute gap between supply and demand of energy and challenges are ahead to us to maintain sustainable growth and provide electricity to unreached (especially in rural areas). We citizens are decisive factor for India future energy consumption and to ponder over what kind of energy sources/technology is required in coming next few decades. Whether, we need, all together a new/alternative source and supply of energy in the wake of present energy crisis is matter of thinking.
In view of above, TIFAC has taken an enormous task to build Energy Technology Vision 2035 for the country by adopting a consultative approach. We therefore invite all citizens, academia, institute/body/organization engaged in Science & Technology, industry and interested groups to post their opinion, vision and brilliant technology ideas for the energy sector. We request you to be part in this national exercise, write about your dreams, how would you like to see the energy sector in 2035. No one knows your craziest ideas may take India into a different height. Let all of us make an effort to make India a technology leader, others should follow us. Please stretch your thinking ability and contribute to this exercise. This is a very national platform to showcase your innovative capabilities.