Food and Agriculture
Agriculture helps to meet the basic needs of human and their civilization by providing food, clothing, shelters, medicine and recreation. Hence, agriculture is the most important enterprise in the world. Agriculture forms the backbone of the Indian economy and despite concerted industrialization in the last 65 years since Independence, agriculture still occupies a place of pride. It provides the food grains to feed the large population of over 1.2 billion. It is also the supplier of raw material to many industries. Thus, the very economic structure of the country rests upon agriculture.
In the coming decades, Agriculture will face challenging situations on the demand and supply dynamics, economic equity, energy, employment, and ecology & climate fronts in the years to come.
In future, agriculture development in India would be guided not only by the compulsion of improving food and nutritional security, but also by the concerns for environmental protection, sustainability and profitability assisted through technological strides and hard work of Indian farmers. Perhaps the biggest trend occurring in agriculture today is that we are seeing a generational turnover, there will be more rapid ingestion of new technologies in future. Quite simply, we are going to witness more change on the farm in the next 10 to 20 years than we have seen in the last 60! Thatís providing even yet more opportunity for thought process and innovation. Hence, the main focus of this Technology Vision 2035 exercise is on how India will feed itself in the future and what the need to produce more food means from its natural resource base.
Come forward and be part of this ambitious national level exercise by sharing your IDEA that can make India not only self sufficient to feed its people but capable enough to feed the world.
Needless to say that your opinion is extremely valuable for this exercise and therefore, we request your candid opinion through this Ideapoke platform: